It has always been a dilemma for bloggers to decide whether to write longer content or to buy articles online that are short or long. We’d suggest you write longer articles because it is good for SEO. A lot of enterprises avail article writing services to make their website or blog rank higher. Anything exceeding from 2000 words is considered to be longer content. Long articles help you attract more traffic that is interested in the type of content you write. Social engagement of your blog increases and there are far more chances for your content to be shared on the web.product-review-writing

Here are five reasons as to why should you write longer articles:

Higher Rank in Search Engine:

When SEO was not much of a buzz, longer content wasn’t necessary to get ranked higher. However, a study by Outbrain shows reports that ‘search’ drives traffic like nothing else toward content sites, beating social media by more than 300%. (Source).

Longer content now ranks higher in search engine results, but handling SEO is a must, if you are unaware of how to keep your SEO right, you may also get articles by reputable content writing firms that are SEO friendly.

If we look back a few years, a shorter content of 300-500 words could be easily ranked and make its way to the top 10 posts in Google Search Engine. But not anymore. It is quite difficult for shorter content to get it done today.

Last summer, Brian Dean at Backlinko analyzed some million Google search results to perceive which factors are responsible for a post to make it to the first page of search engine results. He found out many factors that push an article higher in the search engines. Among the most compelling factors of high-rankings that Brian discovered was longer content blogs. Longer content outranks shorter content in many factors.

Less Bounce Rate:

It is very important for your content to be longer and informative so that the reader would most likely stay to read the content you write. Longer articles have more content and hence lower bounce rate, forcing using to stay on your site longer.

Search Engines Like Unique Content:

Web crawlers, looks over at each bit of substance on a page, for example, words, titles and whatever other data you’ve shared. Along these lines, when you have a post that has like more than 1,000 words, have more adaptability with keywords, implying that you’re not constrained to a few particular keywords. In fact, you can include a greater amount of keywords, but make sure it is related and applicable to your topic. You should explain this to the content writing firm too when you buy SEO articles.

Quality Backlinking:

Longer content also have the tendency to increase the amount of quality backlinking, and this is something you can’t ignore. But keep in mind to keep certain factors in check to maintain your blog. Such as frequent posting, writing on related categories, writing for a purpose. Because keeping your audience hooked is far more important than anything else when it comes to writing longer content.

Far More Shares:

Another advantage of writing longer posts is the sharing factor. It has also been found that posts which have more than 1,500 words get 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes. So we can say, the longer the post, the more it will get shared.


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