Maintaining and updating your blog can be difficult on a daily basis, especially when you haven’t hired the services of an article writer. So, a lot of bloggers use their old written content and present them as new, instead of hiring an article writing services.

This isn’t a good practice because reusability of content can be a tactic at best, but it is not a strategy. It affects your website severely. A piece that has been already shared and people have already read it, won’t leave a good impression on readers.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t reuse old content. Always find the good article writing service and get fresh content for your site. Even self-plagiarism is harmful.

Audience Won’t Grow:

One primary reason why you shouldn’t reuse old content is because it won’t help you get new audience. There’s a diversity of readers found on the internet, and you will lose audience instead of gaining, if you keep posting older content which has already been through people’s eyes.

Increased Bounce off Rate:

Reusing old content might leave a bad impression on your audience, and it would emphasize on the fact that you are out of ideas or are bad at creativity. This might make regular readers bounce off your website. Around 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results (Source), and if they figure out that the content placed on your website isn’t much updated, you might witness an increased bounce rate.

If you cannot think of original content yourself, hire a professional article writing service to do the job for you.

“In 2013, Matt Cutts reported that about 25% to 30% of the content on the web is duplicate or repetitive. And, it’s grouped into clusters by Google (Source)”.

Ideas are Difficult; Text is Easy:

No doubt, if an idea is thought to provoke, it should be presented multiple times so that it can reach a large audience. But there are certain techniques to do that. Just reusing the content which you once published won’t help you in any way and will decrease the value of your content and your website.

You can reuse it or share the same link again instead of posting the same content as new.

Losing the Essence of originality:

It is important for your blog that all the published content on your page is original and not repetitive. Google SEO has the tendency to fish out content that is repetitive and has been published before. It gives less priority to such content, and you won’t drive much traffic to the reused content.

Final Verdict:

Reusing content isn’t a great way to turn extra traffic towards your website articles because you already wrote it before and it had already been indexed. Repetition might damage your rankings and affect your audience negatively. So, it would be wise not to republish your articles over and over. Your article writing service provider should know this too.


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