Content creation is the core task of building a new website.  We all know that content plays a vital role in the search engine visibility of any site. A well-written content boosts the traffic and exposure of a site significantly. Quality and fresh content are required for both on page website content and external link building or content marketing for the websites.

What Should We Consider Before Writing Content for the Website?

The only high-quality content website gets top positions on Google and other search engines. We should always produce the content which gives value to the visitors. Always keep in mind the queries of visitors that what s/he wants when writing. The websites which focus on customer or visitors in mind get more value and exposure.

Below are some points which must be followed before creating content:

  • Use Eye catching and appealing Headline and Sub-Headings which can compel the visitor to stay on the website.
  • Try to provide the summary of your website or business objective in the first fold of website
  • Make your landing page user-friendly to provide simple navigational URLs to reach any part of the site.
  • Tell people what is the difference between you and your competitors, give the best solution to their queries.
  • Don’t think about the SEO, think about your client in mind while writing for your website.


One more idea before producing content is to get all the question of your clients in mind, and try to answering them in content with some catchy headings. Content creating is not an easy job, it requires lot of research and command over English. If you think that you cannot produce content continuously for your website or content marketing then you can buy articles by any professional content writing firm.

Searching of any quality content writing company is not difficult, there are hundreds of companies offering their services online. But, before getting services, you must check the quality of their content to ask about their previous projects because there are lot of freelancers and low profile companies who provide thin or spin content. The low quality content can damage your online marketing campaign so must do some research before ordering anything. You can also give idea about the content, your focused keywords and targeted audience so that the writing firm can understand the objective of the content.



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